What will you find at our hotel?

When you stay at The Northeastland Hotel, you will enjoy a comfortable and well-furnished room.. We offer spacious rooms with 2 Queen size beds or 1 Queen size bed. You will rejuvenate and relax in a spacious room on a pillow-top bed. When your day begins, we offer you a complimentary Breakfast Bag. Nearby restaurants offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Our first floor single Queen rooms are pet friendly. To plan your stay at our comfortable hotel, call 207-768-5321 today!

We're ready to launch a complete renovation that is set to begin this fall. Our renovation team has designed the renovation plan to ensure that the efforts will not impact your experience and stay while at our hotel. We will be regularly updating this site as renovations begin to keep our guests informed on our progress.

Hold your special gathering in an elegant event space

For special occasions, such as a wedding or corporate event, we offer event space rentals. Our unique hotel has two available spaces, accommodating around 100 or 180 people respectively, with dance floors, audiovisual equipment and soft lighting. When we host your event, our staff will provide helpful ongoing service. Ask our staff today about holding your event in Presque Isle, ME.